English 280 Class Information

English 280: Language Arts Tutoring Practicum

The peer tutors who work in the Writing Center have been nominated by English instructors and have successfully completed a comprehensive training program, including a three-unit class, Language Arts Tutoring Practicum. The class is co-taught by a professor from the English Department and a professor from the ESL (English as a Second Language) Department.

The course covers tutoring theory and practice, and throughout the semester, students practice tutoring in role play situations, discuss tutoring techniques for a variety of sample papers, make presentations demonstrating grammar issues and various tutoring scenarios, and write journals and essays reflecting what they have learned about tutoring techniques and theory. In addition, students are required to work in the Writing Center three hours per week, where they tutor under the supervision of a faculty tutor.

Students who complete the course with a “B” or better are eligible to be hired as hourly tutors the following semester.

To be eligible for English 280, students must receive a grade of C or better in English 100 and be recommended by an English instructor. The corequisites are English 103, 103H, 104, 104H, or 201. Students may take English 280 and one of the corequisites concurrently. If students are interested in becoming a Writing Center tutor, they should contact Arthur Hui, Writing Center Coordinator at ahui@fullcoll.edu, or speak with their English instructor.

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