Writing Center Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring

What is peer tutoring?

Peer tutoring is a system of instruction where learners of equal status help one another learn. Basically, peer tutoring is one student, who is usually highly proficient in the subject area being discussed, helping another student.

Who are the peer tutors in the Writing Center?

Peer tutors in the Writing Center are students who have completed or are enrolled in the tutoring course, English 280: Language Arts Tutoring Practicum. Peer tutors have been trained in helping other students at any phase of their writing assignment. In addition, peer tutors have successfully completed upper-level writing courses and have been nominated by their English professor for the peer tutoring program. In short, peer tutors are strong writers who have a desire to help other students become stronger writers inside and outside of their courses.

What are the benefits of peer tutoring?

Peer tutoring is advantageous for many reasons. Many people find peer tutoring beneficial because of the relationship between the student and tutor. Often, students feel more comfortable and at ease talking with their peers for help on assignments because there is less of a power dynamic than is present with instructors.

Because they are also students, peer tutors can relate and respond to other students in ways that instructors may not be able to, which can lead to more productive and enjoyable tutoring sessions. (However, at the Writing Center you also have the option of working with a faculty tutor, and faculty tutors on occasion may participate in a session with a peer tutor.) In addition, peer tutors are usually able to share personal experiences and strategies with tutees based on their own recent successful experiences as students.

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